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What if I don't have a bike?
If you are serious about doing a triathlon one day, still come on out and join us.  We will give you lots of pointers on buying a bike.  There are some great bike stores in Atlanta who can set you up when you are ready!
What if I'm not a good swimmer?
If you can swim 25 yards or meters (one length of a normal sized pool) non-stop, you will be fine!  It takes practice to get in the routine of swimming longer distances.  We have scheduled group swims especially for this purpose.  If you are not able to swim 25 yards or meters non-stop, we encourage you to invest in private or group lessons.  We will be happy to give you some suggestions about who to contact for lessons.
What if I am the only person in the club who is out of shape?
Some people will be in shape.  Some people will not be in shape.  This club is about YOU.  It is designed to offer low-key, non-intimidating workouts.  There is the time to build your base, no matter how low it might be right now.  You might start out only being able to swim 25 yards or meters.  That will increase with practice.  You might start out only being able to run less than 1 mile.  Again, that will increase with practice.   
What stuff do I really need to begin triathon?

You will need a sports swimsuit and goggles. 


You will eventually need a bike. It's okay if you don't have one right now.  The race season starts in April and continues through October.  There is no hurry to buy a bike for your first workout.

Once you have a bike, you will absolutely need a helmet and we strongly suggest protective eyewear (sunglasses).  You will also need a gear bag that attaches to your bike with replacement inner tubes, CO2 cartridges, inflater, patches and levers.


You will need a good pair of running shoes.  Breatheable clothing is suggested, rather than cotton.

During the winter months, we strongly recommend reflective gear and/or small lights that attach to your hat, vest or shirt.

We discourage the use of headphones.  Please leave strollers and dogs at home as well.

Can I bring my kids to the Group Workouts?
At this time, due to liability reasons, the club is only for those 18 years old and older. 
Can I join the club in March when it starts to warm up?
Of course!  Anyone will be able to join the club at anytime throughout the year.
I am so strapped for time, I'm just not sure if I can make it to all the Group Workouts, Clinics, Community Service Days, Socials and Races. Should I still join the club?
All events offered by Peachtree Tri Club are 100% optional!  We don't ever want anyone to feel as if they have to attend everything.  Of course attending the events is more fun because you will meet new people, learn a lot about triathlon and help serve the community!  One of the wonderful aspects of the club is that you can come to a Group Workout and know there will be others there too.  Just like anything else, you will get out what you put in.  You need to determine what your goals are and make the decision to join the club about YOU and YOUR goals!
I'm not sure if this is the right club for me. Can I try it out first?
Prospective members are most welcome to attend a run or bike workout before joining! It's a great opportunity to meet other members, ask questions and determine if the club is a fit for you. Please contact for more details.